wow free! eternal summer is over and it just hit me even tho its saturday

we don’t get to see the boys anymore and idk thats like. i can’t believe that

they’ve taught me so many things and i connected with their struggles and their accomplishments and it’s been such a ride to see these boys grow

i mean rei couldn’t even swim in the beginning and now he’s iwatobi swim club’s captain

its been an awesome adventure and holy shit they are still making me cry and its SATURDAY

thank you free! for everything

it’s been so so so great

64/? Free! 500px gifs

64/? Free! 500px gifs

Now, I'll show you the most incredible sight you've never seen before, right here!
R E G I S A - Free! Eternal Summer 13
We can get closer once you join the Swimming Club


i am lazy and impatient but free! is over so whats the point

when we joined together, what we found ahead of us was a sight that could only have been seen with friends like you.

—ever blue